A Single’s Guide to Texas Roadways

Ride along with Natalie, a bitter-before-her-time city girl, as she travels from one side of the Lone Star State to the other, searching for love and learning important travel tips along the way, like, “Drinking alcohol while in a pool or body of water is awesome, but you will need to come to peace with the idea that you are mostly consuming human waste.”

With so many Texan men to choose from, Natalie isn’t sure how she’s supposed to know who’s the One for her. Is it the wealthy Brit? The good ol’ country boy? The long-time friend? The Army vet? And more importantly (and realistically), which one is the least likely to murder her when she lets her guard down?

Can Natalie be able to find the elusive right-guy-right-time scenario before her travels leave her lugging around too much extra baggage?

Author: H. Claire Taylor
Length: 187 pgs