Andrew Mackay

Andrew (white)

Genres: Contemporary

Humor: Satire, Dark Comedy, Farce

Makes him laugh every time: People falling over. Sex. Miscommunication. Inventive vulgarity. Fawlty Towers, Father Ted


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UK-based author Andrew Mackay is a filmmaker, novelist and former teacher. He provided the feature-length making of documentary for the motion picture "Mutant Chronicles". In September of 2016, Andrew hung up his teacher hat and established Chrome Valley Books (the home of dangerous literature); focusing on comedy, satire and thriller.

His first book "In Their Shoes: The Teacher" chronicles his experiences as a teacher, and the journalist aspect of this book extends the series into a wide-reaching array of professions. It reached the #1 spot on Amazon's satire charts. An experienced podcaster, Andrew is also the founder and co-host of one of the internet's most-downloaded and revered movie podcasts 'The Smoking Lamb'.

Andrew loves to engage with his readers and fellow authors and would love for you to follow him at Amazon (press the 'follow' button to the left!) and at his Chrome Valley Books site (.com). You can email him directly at

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