Nu Alpha Omega

Jessica Christ, Book 4

H. Claire Taylor

Starting college in a new town on the other side of the state from where she grew up, Jessica McCloud hopes to leave behind some of the problems associated with being God's only begotten daughter. But the culture clash of a college campus is in no way the "safe space" she's heard so much about.

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Space Team: Song of the Space Siren

Space Team Book 4

Barry Hutchison

Cal Carver and his Space Team may have lost their ship, but they haven't lost their knack for attracting trouble.

Just hours after setting foot on a new planet, Cal and the crew find themselves caught up in an interplanetary kidnapping plot. Reuniting the suspiciously-silent young victim with her parents on their far-off home world will make Cal rich beyond his wildest dreams. Unfortunately, half the pirates and bounty hunters in the galaxy have the same idea, and they're more than happy to take the girl by force.

Out April 2017. Pre-order it here.

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