In the Springtime Everything is New All Over Again

The only thing keeping Carl down is popular opinion…

Poor Carl has a crappy life. But what he doesn’t realize is that this is on purpose. Carl is a fictional character written specifically to have no luck, a dead-end job, and a dead-end life. After all, that’s what the Tuesday Book Club ladies want!

When Carl’s author decides to bring in a love interest, everything begins to change. As the tough luck character tries to get his life together, will the author maintain an audience that actually roots for Carl to win?

In the Springtime Everything Is New All Over Again is a triple-layered metafiction short story. If you like curious perspectives, peeks into the writing process, and a heavy dose of pathos, then you’ll love this short story from Esmerelda Q. Jones.

Author: Esmerelda Q. Jones
Length: 26 pgs