The Model

How far would you go to get a good story?

Well-known Russian Supermodel, Oksana Volkov, scratched and clawed her way to the top of London’s most notable fashion runways. Highly sought-after and ruthless, the Russian diva is under no illusion that her career is threatened by far younger models emerging onto the scene.

Armed with a brash disposition and a bitter resolve to end her career on a strong note, Oksana readies herself to face the crowds of the hottest fashion event in London – The Synapse/Vladychestvo Fashion Show – and kill the runway one last time.

For Joy Attwood this new assignment is so much more than simply raising the stakes, it is critical to her success. Despite feeling responsible for the events on the West End Stage, Joy knows without a doubt that unless she can reign in her personal flaws, everything she was worked for will be gone in the blink of an eye. But when a questionable request from one of the fashion industry’s most famous players forces her to test the boundaries of her own morality, Joy finds herself walking a very thin line; the most dangerous line she has yet to cross in the name of journalism.

With all eyes watching the splendour of the fashion world, Joy discovers that some things are not always what they seem. All runway lights cast shadows. Just how far will she go to discover the truth beyond the curtain? Can Joy survive the bright lights of the runway stage? Will the world’s most perfect model show everyone just how dark her true colours are?

The Model is the third book in the ground breaking series In Their Shoes from Chrome Valley Books. If you love satirical comedy, gut-wrenching drama and suspense then this series cannot be missed!

Author: Andrew Mackay
Series: In Their Shoes
Genre: Contemporary, Romance
Humor Type: Dark Comedy, Farce, Satire
Length: 248 pgs