Write. Funny. Books.

Welcome Write. Funny. Books. crew!

This page is just for you. If you want in on this site, please read the instructions below carefully before asking questions or submitting info.

Why this site exists

Two-fold purpose.
1. To make it easy for readers to find funny books.
2. For writers of funny books to make more money.

...in that order, which I think benefits everyone equally. Happy readers make happy writers.

"How can I help?"

A lot of y'all have asked this (woohoo!), so here are the ways I can use help at the moment:

1. Send me your stuff. The more content, the more incentive for readers to check out the site and come back regularly.
2. If your work is listed, promote the website. The point of this on the author side is mostly cross promotion. More on this later.
3. Don't submit work that isn't funny. I can't possibly read every book submitted to verify its humor, so I'm working on the honors system here. If you write some humor and some not-humor and you submit it all regardless of this being a site for funny books, that destroys the usefulness of this site. I've spent a lot of time on this site, and I plan on spending more time on it for years to come. I do it gladly, knowing it can help people. So if I find out someone's muddying the waters with unfunny work, I promise I will hunt that person down. Y'all know most comedians maintain a deep aquifer of anger and rage, so let's just not go there. Funny titles only.

Submitting titles

There are two kinds of title submissions: freebie and standard.  There are two distinct forms for them. If you submit the freebie form, your book will not be listed outside of the freebie page. For that, you must submit the other form for a standard title submission.

Freebie submissions

If your book is available to read on Instafreebie, you're eligible for the freebie page. This page will be used for author cross promotions. Once you're listed, you're expected to send the link to the page out to your list/tweet it/post it on FB/etc. No freeloaders, please. (We'll reserve that distinction for the readers who download the free reads and then immediately unsubscribe from lists.)

Please let me know if you decide to delist your book from Instafreebie.

Freebie submission form.

Standard submissions

If you want your book to have its own info page and be linked to your author bio (more on that later), you need to submit a standard book form. You don't have to promote the link to this, but you'd be a whole lot cooler if you did.

It takes me about ten minutes to set up a new book page and at this point I'm not charging for my time, so if you have a catalog of a thousand books, let's not go crazy, okay? If you have a ten-book series, submit the first three titles, max. After that, you probably have readers hooked anyway, so you don't need the full series listed. Once I start charging per submission, then you can submit to your heart's content.

Standard book submission form. 

Submitting Author Feature

You must have already submitted a standard book submission form before you can have an author feature, or else there's nothing to link readers to on your feature page.

If you don't want to submit an author photo - maybe you write under a secret pseudo - that's fine. I'll use the nameplate in place of your photo. Example.

Your author bio is your own to use for whatever purpose you want. Maybe keep it under 300 words, though?

Author feature form.

Site Launch!

Let's make this count so everyone benefits. Rising tide and all that. The launch date is set for Monday, January 23rd. You'll receive an email from me with more info on how to help just before that, so make sure to add claire@hclairetaylor.com to your contact list so I don't get filed away.

After Saturday, January 21st, I'll start charging a small fee (probably $5-$10) per book submission and author listing. This isn't so I can make a profit, this is literally a meager reimbursement for my time so I don't eventually start feeling mega resentful about spending so much time on administrative stuff when I could be making money focusing on my other projects where I get paid generously. Do I like the fact that I would become resentful from helping people too much for no money at all? Not really. But that's how it is. Yay honesty!

Members of the Write. Funny. Books. group are the only ones who can submit for free until then. If you know someone who wants to submit, tell them to join the FB group first.

Phase 2 Plans

Here are some of the things I hope to work toward once the site hits a reasonable threshold for implementing each of these things:

  • Autoresponder selling sequence - I'll have a basic autoresponder set up for launch, but it won't be more than a welcome message and maybe some suggestions of things people should check out on the site. For phase 2, I want to build a highly segmented list that will provide book suggestions based on readers' past purchases.
  • Reviews - Like it sounds. I'll write reviews of listed books and create a review page for readers. I imagine I'll need a few other interested parties to become reviewers as well.
  • Fan votes - This may be a phase 3 thing, but eventually, I want readers to be able to vote for books they like and have those books featured in their own section. There's a lot to consider here on the topic of balancing this with providing new authors ample visibility, which is why it might be a phase 3 thing.
  • Genre browsing - Readers can browse by what subgenre the book falls under. We need more books in each subgenre before there's a point in this, though.
  • Series page - This will feature all the comedy series in one place for those who want to laugh over the span of a bunch of books.

Site Suggestions

Let me know any suggestions for the site! I want to make it badass, fully functional (at least in an early stage), and worthy of everyone's time before we launch. You can email me at claire@hclairetaylor.com.